Life Education Trust | Help Harold Help Kids Club
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Help Harold Help Kids

The secret of Life Education has been its structure that is owned by the Community in which it works. Manned by an army of Volunteers, your donation goes straight to funding the delivery of the programme to schools in your own backyard!


Become a member and be part of our family. Your donation will assist us in achieving our mission to ensure “No Child is Left Behind”.


It’s easy to join an we’ll send you a gift on joining. Furthermore, we’ll keep you up to date with our work and activities.


PS, your donation is tax deductible.


Easy ways to help HAROLD help Kids:


  1. Click  ‘Donate Now’ .
  2. Cheque – payable to Life Education Trust Auckland Central and send to: PO Box 5774, Wellesley Street, Auckland 1141.


Examples of how your donation is put to work:


  • It costs the Trust approximately $20 per child to take part in a lesson, we teach close to 12,000 children each year
  • Take Home Workbooks, an integral part of the programme, cost $1 each. 12,000 children use these Workbooks every year
  • Towing the Mobile Classrooms to schools throughout the year costs close to $30,000 every year
  • Your regular (or one off) donation will work hard towards any one of these costs, for example, a $20 a month donation will cover the cost of a child each month to take part in the lessons.