Life Education Trust | Booking Process
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Booking Process

Here are the steps involved in a Life Education school visit:


  1. Contact the Life Education educator for your area to arrange or confirm a booking with them.
  2. Review resource folder. Each school that uses Life Education has a Life Education Teachers Resource Folder (updated 2006 using feedback from schools). Each folder has an overview of the programme that we offer. Schools are invited to choose from a menu of learning modules , selecting what best fits their needs. Life Education recommends you consider choosing a strand to teach across the whole school.
  3. Phone our educator, let them know what strand and/or learning modules you’ve chosen and arrange a time for them to visit your staff meeting.
  4. Our educator attends your staff meeting to discuss strand, learning modules and resources, and to set the timetable for their visit to your school. For classroom teaching planning assistance, each learning module has WALT’s (We Are Learning To…) statements and key messages that will be taught and these are outlined in the Teacher’s Resource Folder. There is also a brief synopsis of the teaching that will be covered and the take-home workbook that accompanies the learning module. The resource folder has sheets that can be photocopied for each module, to be used for pre-visit preparation and post-visit assessment. Please discuss details of where you would like the mobile classroom to be parked whilst in your school, with the Life Education educator.
  5. Your schoolteacher carries out the pre-visit teaching, in preparation for the Life Education visit.
  6. Life Education and Harold visit your school! Take home workbooks are distributed at the end of the lesson.
  7. Your teachers and/or school Principal carry out a post-visit evaluation.

To enquire about having Harold / Life Education Trust visit your school, please fill out our contact form below:

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