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Project Downlights

Tony and Emma Sykes.

Tony and Emma Sykes.

In our latest project, we have collaborated with Downlights to create our very own Bespoke candles. Hand-poured in NZ, these candles are created to empower people with special needs. In addition, each candle sold pays for ten take-home Life Education student workbooks!

The Downlight Story

The idea for the business came after Tony Sykes, father of Emma Sykes (23) with Downs Syndrome, could not find work for his daughter when she finished school in 2018. Tony had been self-employed his entire life and thought that starting their own business would create the opportunities for Emma to help her on her journey for independence.

Tony and Emma, started out using candle-making kits. It was difficult, and Tony asked a few friends if they knew anyone who had experience making candles. This led to the introduction of Jennifer Del Bel- the owner of a luxury candle making company Illumina, Tony and Emma joined Jennifer to work for a few days to make candles for a market in the Beachlands area of Auckland.  The story and the candles were such a hit, a trial venture became an overnight international success.

Harold and Emma with one of our very own Life Education bespoke candles.

Harold and Emma with one of our very own Life Education bespoke candles.

All Downlights candles are made with an artisan touch and careful attention to detail. Every new release fragrance and vessel is wick tested for optimum scent throw and long term burning to assure the highest quality and value for money. Emma assists with all aspects of the manufacturing process: applying stickers to wicks, wicks to the glassware, sticks and pegs to hold the wicks straight, hand pouring the fragranced wax, trimming the wicks, applying stickers where needed and packaging the final product.

“Downlights is thrilled to be collaborating with Life Education Trust for their first two bespoke candles. What an incredible gift to give: a candle made by a company that employs people with Down Syndrome which in turn helps fund workbooks for NZ children after their visit with Harold.”
Jennifer Del Bel, Illumina

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Kiwi Christmas Candle

Life Education has collaborated with Downlights to create a bespoke 2019 Christmas candle.

Capture the essence of the festive season with crisp silver pine and delicate hints of hyacinth and fresh mint in this 240ml soy candle with a 40 hour burn.

Hand-poured in New Zealand, these luxury candles are created by people with Downs syndrome and special needs. The Kiwi Christmas candle creates ongoing employment opportunities for individuals with special needs and funds 10 Life Education Take Home Work books.

It's the gift that gives back to the community!

For bulk purchases please email Lance at

$31.60 (GST inclusive)


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Preserving Jar Candle

Life Education has collaborated with Downlights to create this Artisan candle which is made from natural soy wax and our 1st fragrance is Pink  Grapefruit & Cassis

“The uplifting citrus notes of pink-grapefruit and tangy cassis are the uplifting top notes, balanced by the warming heart notes of white musk, rose and jasmine. The combination of luscious fruit and floral notes creates a fragrance that  you will love.”

Hand poured by Downlights in NZ, these Candles are created to empower people with special needs. In addition, each Candle sold pays for 10 Take Home Life Education Student Workbooks!

Up to 50 hours burn time, 420ml

Visit our store page to get your very own Life Education Bespoke candle.

For more information about Downlights and to see their complete range of products, visit their co-manufacturer’s page via the link below.