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Our Sponsors and Supporters

As a charity, we are proud to be supported by many generous businesses, community organisations and individuals throughout the Auckland Central area. Their generosity is important for the success of our trust in delivering our service to children right here in your own backyard.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help Life Education Trust Auckland Central, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Partridge Jewellers

Partridge Jewellers are Founding Sponsors of Life Education Trust Auckland Central. When approached about 15 years ago to become involved as a Sponsor, we felt that it fitted in very well with our philosophy of working with Charities which improved the life of children, and in this instance would go some way towards improving their education.

We are always kept well informed of the Trust’s activities and endeavour to attend special events in which the Trust is participating.

We love being a part of the Trust’s major hands on fundraising event each year by sponsoring the Partridge Jewellers Lunch for Harold on Life Education Charity Day at Ellerslie

The aims and teachings of Life Education trust are a vital part of a child’s learning and development, and we are proud to be associated with them.

Grant Partridge, Partridge Jewellers



Mainfreight is a proud sponsor of the Life Education Trust in New Zealand, supporting it’s vital work of developing NZ children to face challenges that life brings them.

The Life Education Trust is exactly what it’s name indicates; it provides children with the information and knowledge they need to make the right choices that will ensure they live a productive, healthy, valuable life. The Life Education programme is welcomed by teachers as an invaluable adjunct to their work.

Mainfreight has seen too many young people coming into the workforce without the aspiration and motivation to achieve their potential. The popular response is that the Government should do more and maybe they should.

But, as a proud New Zealand business, we have decided we also have a part to play and, to a significant extent, our goals are being achieved through our Partnership with life Education

Our drivers and team especially enjoy their work with Life Education Trust Auckland Central, towing their Mobile Classrooms to school gates for the past 15 years, and being involved with their various projects.

Don Braid, Managing Director, Mainfreight


The Auckland Racing Club

The Life Education Charity Day is a highly anticipated event on the Auckland Racing Club’s, this year will see the 15th Edition of this big event for the Charity.

Over the years, our Board and staff have had the privilege of meeting a huge number of volunteers who work tirelessly to support the Life Education Trust and spread the message of the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body. The work the Trust does our country’s youth is invaluable and all those that work at Ellerslie are proud to be associated with such a deserving and worthwhile Charity.

Doug Alderslade, Chairman, Auckland Racing Club inc.


Rotary International

Today more than ever, young people are under pressure to make the wrong choices in life, with potentially disastrous lifetime consequences.

The Life  Education Trust is seen by the Rotary Clubs of AUCKLAND East & Newmarket as a vital part of the Education process, helping to ensure through it’s awareness programmes that children and young people can make the right decisions about their bodies, the environment around them, and, as the name suggests, their lives.

The growth of this Charity and the wonderful results it has produces since it’s beginnings speak for themselves

Rotary is committed to Youth Development plans and we are very pleased to be active supporters of the Life Education Trust.


NZ Post

Life Education has long had our support as the Charity provides such a valuable service educating our children on crucial issues such as  health, self esteem & drugs.

Our drivers love towing the Mobile Classrooms to local schools, and we have been providing this service to Lance & the Auckland Central team for over 15 years.