Life Education Trust | Our Programme
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The Life Education Programme


Our programme is based on the three philosophical messages that we believe are essential to a child’s development: that they are unique and special, that their bodies are magnificent and that we need to support and respect each other.


Our lessons cover content across five major strands: self-esteem, social relationships, body systems, food and nutrition and substances. We continue to evaluate, adapt and improve our content and resources to reflect advancements and changes in both teaching and societal factors.

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Our self-esteem content focus’ on building a positive personal image, with children looking at their own unique personality, realising they are special because they’re unique and accepting the uniqueness of others.


Social relationships content focus’ on friendships, bullying and self-responsibility. Children look at concepts such as being friendly as opposed to being a friend, and they learn about managing conflict. We can also look at important concepts such as cyber citizenship and the effect of bullying.


Our body systems content teaches children about the circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems and children discuss other aspects of the body, such as vital organs. We aim to impart a sense of wonder and amazement at the complexity of our bodies.


Food and nutrition discusses body image, exercise and nutrition for good health. Important skills such as reading nutritional panels, understanding a balanced diet and meal planning can also be covered.


Our substances strand is tailored to explore the effects of legal and illegal drugs on the human body, particularly during puberty. Apart from infancy, puberty is the time in the human life cycle of the greatest growth and change of the body and more particularly the brain so any substance abuse during this time could have serious long term effects on the overall development of a young person. In this strand social consequences of drug use are also explored as well as looking at peer pressure, decision making and strengthening self confidence.